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in fieri

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About us

House: in fieri

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, green notes, vanilla, woods, earthy notes, musk

I’m trying to finish my story, a simple, everyday story, a story of two people. But I’m afraid I don’t know them anymore.

The two characters were anxiously waiting for me. They were sitting at the table, holding the script. The scene was silent. The lights were on. The curtains were open. They were lost, asking what to do, what to say, where to go, how to act. They were scared, they were angry, they were sad, they were happy. They were crying, they were laughing. They were together, they were alone. I’m afraid I don’t know you anymore. This is your story, not mine.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat., Parfum (fragrance), Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Alcohol, Hydroxycitronellal

30 ml handcrafted extrait de parfum



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