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in fieri

Hotel Vesuvius

in fieri

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Hotel Vesuvius

House: in fieri

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: java vetiver, birch, cedar, sandalwood, pine, violet, musk, oud.

On the morning of the ninth day before September, I was told of an unusual cloud, for its shape and size. After taking a cold bath, he was resting in the sun, studying. He asked for his shoes and walked to the highest part of the town to observe the extraordinary phenomenon. A new cloud was approaching, and it was not clear where it was coming from. The cloud was rising among the trees, like a pine with large branches, and then falling on its own weight, becoming larger: sometime black, sometime white for the dust and ashes it was carrying.

Inspired by “Lettere di Plinio il Giovane a Tacito sull'eruzione del Vesuvio”

30 ml handcrafted extrait de parfum



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