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Apnea is a sensation.
It is like holding your breath in astonishment and releasing it.
It is like walking barefoot feeling the ground with your feet and being lulled by the rhythm of the waves in the sea.
It is like feeling a shy ray of sun on your skin and the smell of coffee in the morning.
Apnea is a place.
A place where creativity comes to life. It is captivating and eclectic.

It is colourful and bright.
As well as chaotic and orderly.

Carolina, after obtaining her economics degree in Milan, felt the need to give a voice to her creativity. For this reason, she moved to Florence to attend a goldsmith course.
Surrounded by art and history, she felt the courage to challenge herself in the creation of her first jewels. She has always been fascinated by the multiple steps in the process of creating an handmade object. She believes that transforming grains of metal into rings, bracelets or earrings hold magic within itself.

Carolina thinks that jewels have a double function: symbolical and esthetical. Every collection is born from an emotion which needs to be materialised and her whole handmade work allows her to shape and give life to every single details.