Cerchi nell'acqua

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Cerchi nell'acqua white out enrico buccella Woods, Musk, Leaves infieri

House: Cerchi nell'acqua

Perfumer: Enrico Buccella

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: Woods, Musk, Leaves

The smell of cold and white, together with woody, musky and leafy overtones. Name: An homage to the sense of smell.

The Antarctic pack. There, where all the senses become numb, the sense of smell remains despite the white and cold, the eternal void of millions of cubic meters of ice. White on white only to loose one’s bearings in the fragrance of the cold.

100 ml eau de parfum



CERCHI NELL’ACQUA [Water Circles] takes its name from the “roundness” expressed by the fragrances used in its formulation. Unusual in the immediate impact and fullness of this perfume. Not the olfactory pyramid, but a fragrant energy that is gently dispersed in the regular circular manner of circles in water. In deference to and in harmony with SIGILLI which retains its basic character with its historical and cultural links, the CERCHI NELL’ACQUA essence will be free to roam at 360° taking inspiration from memory, friendships, or even more simply just complete fantasy. The precious nature and rarity of these fragrances as well as the exquisiteness of their packaging is the common denominator linking SIGILLI and CERCHI NELL’ACQUA.