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Panoramica I throw - tapestry

Lanificio Leo

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Panoramica I throw - tapestry
Panoramica I throw - tapestry
Panoramica I throw - tapestry

House: Lanificio Leo

Designer: Serena Confalonieri

Collection: Panoramica

Materials: 100% merino wool

Dimensions: 59 x 43 in (150 x 110 cm)

A jacquard woven piece 100% wool, that double as a throw blanket and a tapestry.

The collection was conceived during the days spent by the designer at Soveria Mannelli (CZ) together with the whole Leo family; after listening to their stories, experiencing their daily lives, and visiting the local surroundings, the designer tried to hold back the images that filled her eyes on her return. The collection blends the sharp duality existing in this ancient wool mill, suspended between past and present, between culture and production, in a territory bordered by both the sea and the mountains.

These memories and feelings led to the idea of ​​creating a collection that was a faithful portrait of the land and local culture of such specific region in southern Italy. Four postcards sent to the world: souvenirs from a beautiful holiday and a warm invitation to return.

Handmade in Italy


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