Mediterranean Archipelago honeycomb sponge

Spugnificio Rosenfeld

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Mediterranean Archipelago honeycomb sponge
Mediterranean Archipelago honeycomb sponge

HouseSpugnificio Rosenfeld

 The classic bath sponge with medium pores and of Mediterranean origin.

It is very durable with great elasticity. The benefit of this sponge lies in the ability to massage the skin and muscles stimulating the circulation. 

The lighter color is recommended to cleanse the delicate skin of babies while the natural color is excellent for derivative baths and hydrotherapy treatments.

Size: 13cm (5in)

First choice: the top-quality of sponges regulated with scissors.

Natural color



Type Archipelago Honeycomb Sponge
Place of fishing Mediterranean Sea
Depth of fishing 15-50 meters
Size From 6 to 27 cm
General characteristics Medium pores
Recommended for Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Use Cleansing the body



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