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Cotton and linen half bistro apron

Lanificio Leo

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Cotton and linen half bistro apron
Cotton and linen half bistro apron
Cotton and linen half bistro apron

House: Lanificio Leo

Designer: Mauro Bubbico

Collection: Tipoatipico

Materials: cotton and linen

Color: tronco

Print realized using natural rust dying technique and handmade wood stamps

Tipoatipico is a work in progress collection that aims to recreate an imaginary iconography, linked to the Italian regional identities, and to bring this classic concept to life in a new, contemporary way. A new take on iconography from the pas, applied as a decorative element on commonly used items.

The collection takes an alternative and modern look at the expressive potential of this graphic device with a strong personality, when applied to a traditional technique. This collection has decorative elements designed by Mauro Bubbico, Andrea Caligiuri, Gennaro Di Cello, Emilio S. Leo, Maria Walter Nielsen, Aldo Presta and Studiocharlie.

Photos by Alessia Musolino

Made in Italy


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