Acqua di Firenze

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Acqua di Firenze inferno

House: Acqua di Firenze

Olfactory notes: Elemi resin, Cinnamon, Clove; Myrrh, Leather, Black rose; Gaiac wood, Birch, Vanilla, Amber, Musk

A journey, an hallucination …going lower and lower, wrapped in the dark, surrounded by smoke, burnt by fire.
The Inferno of the senses … a swirling of woody notes and resins, with accents of dust and dropping ash, flashing the skin and dragging it into oblivion.
A whirling descent that leads into the depths of the earth, dense and mysterious, exalted by the Guaiac Wood and Amber accord, terrifying and fascinating like the scent of Black Vanilla, lit by a heart of Black Rose, Myrrh and Leather.

100 ml eau de toilette

Made in Italy


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