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Atlantic Ocean sponge

Spugnificio Rosenfeld

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Atlantic Ocean sponge
Atlantic Ocean sponge

HouseSpugnificio Rosenfeld

Comes from the Atlantic Ocean and has an average pore structure.
The sponges that inhabit the Coral Reef Barrier are 1,500. Among these, our company chooses only the best quality and shape.
The Atlantic Ocean Sponge is very similar to the Mediterranean sponge, it has a delicate tissue and a shorter duration.

Size: 13cm (5in)

Flat and irregular shape sponge.

Natural color


Type Atlantic Ocean Sponge
Place of fishing The Caribbean Sea
Depth of fishing 3-6 meters
Size From 6 to 27 cm
General characteristics Medium pores, resembles the archipelago sponge, but the sponge has less valuable consistency
Recommended for Infants, children, teenagers, adults, seniors
Use Cleansing the body




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