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Blue Carta Aromatica d'Eritrea - Blue Aromatic Paper of Eritrea

Carta Aromatics d'Eritrea

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Blue Carta Aromatica d'Eritrea - Blue Aromatic Paper of Eritrea

HouseCarta Aromatica d'Eritrea

Country of origin: Italy

A fresh fragrance prepared with cedar wood sweetened by vanilla berries, patchouli and mastic from the Greek island of Kios. which leads on a fantastic journey along the aromatic and sunny Mediterranean coasts. Forgotten for many years, closed in the diary of Dr. Vittoriano Casanova, the Blue Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea – Essence du Touareg (Blue Aromatic Paper of Eritrea) has finally come to light.

The extraordinary fragrance of the Aromatic Paper of Eritrea released by the combustion of the strips is obtained without using artificial dyes or fragrances reconstructed in the laboratory. It is 100% natural, and thanks to its antiseptic qualities, improves the oxygenation and quality of the air.

How to use:

1) To perfume clothing, place one or more strips of paper in drawers and closets.2) To scent and purify the air, fold the strip accordion style and light it.  Then gently blow out the flame to diffuse its perfume.

24 scented strips per box.

Non-toxicity certificate 

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