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Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea)

Carta Aromatica d'Eritrea

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Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea)
Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea)

HouseCarta Aromatica d'Eritrea

Country of origin: Italy

The “historical” booklet of Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea® (Aromatic Paper of Eritrea) has remained unaltered since 1927. It consists of 24 strips of pure cellulose ready to be burned, soaked in the inimitable aromatic essence composed of absolutely natural and pure essential oils, resins and musks with multiple properties.

The extraordinary fragrance of the Aromatic Paper of Eritrea released by the combustion of the strips is obtained without using artificial dyes or fragrances reconstructed in the laboratory and thanks to its antiseptic qualities, improves the quality and oxygenation of the air.

How to use:

1) to perfume clothing, place one or more strips of paper in drawers or closets 
2) to scent the air, fold a strip accordion style, light one short edge and gently  blow out the flame to release its perfume.  

24 scented strips per box.

Non-toxic certification 


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