Acqua di Firenze

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Acqua di Firenze bacio

House: Acqua di Firenze

Olfactory notes: Lemon, Labdanum, Clove; Rose, Jasmine, Carnation, Gardenia, Verbena, Peony, Violet, Orchid; Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Leather, Amber, Musk

Art and literature blend together in this perfume, a mixture of intense calm and erotic passion in which converge the tenderness of the deep, mature and almost spiritual love expressed in the kiss between Anne and Joachim, meeting at the Golden Gate, painted by Giotto in Padua and the overwhelming and tragic love of the two lovers Paolo and Francesca, narrated by Dante in his Divine Comedy.
The scent opens with an intense, intoxicating and sensual note of Cistus labdanus, emphasized by the spicy and aphrodisiac note of Cloves and softened by Lemon, symbol of loving fidelity and salvation.
A mysterious seduction that creeps through the enchanting and white petals of Gardenia in a bouquet of Violet, Peony and Verbena and is revived by Rose, Jasmine and Orchid, emblems of Love, feminine and passion.
As the hours go by, the fragrance completely loses all inhibition and lets emerge all its erotic charge through the exotic and mysterious note of Patchouly, the humid earthiness of Vetiver, the mystical and virile note of Sandalwood that blends with that of Leather.
Bacio the liquefaction of two souls, of masculine and feminine, of man and woman, of sacred and profane love, of purity and passion, of heaven and earth, of water and fire a harmonious conjunction of opposites.

100 ml eau de toilette

Made in Italy


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