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Our Modern Lives

We’re 4160Tuesdays. We make fragrances in London, one of the busiest, stimulating, fascinating cities in the world. Sarah McCartney, our founder and perfumer, also teaches yoga; sometimes you just need an escape from all that action. With the pressure and excitement of running a business, she needs a balance, an escape from the blue screens and wifi that dominate our lives.

Five years ago Sarah made five yoga room fragrances for her own use; Our Modern Lives has developed from that project.

Our Modern Lives offer 

  • Seven 100% natural body and room fragrances. We’re using all our experience to make these complex blends beautiful and safe.
  • Two 100% synthetic fragrances which have no allergens. Here we’re choosing simple blends of molecular compounds to create soft, smooth, long-lasting sensual fragrances.

We’ve sourced organic grain alcohol (denatured so you can’t drink it), essential oils, plant absolutes and natural isolates (individual fragrance compounds from plant sources) to create fragrances for everyone who wants this option.