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Luca Maffei



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onyrico, luca maffei, rome colosseum travertine, marble, niche perfume, oriental, resinous, spicy

House: Onyrico

PerfumerLuca Maffei

Country of origin: Italy

Olfactory notes: bergamot, safran, nutmeg; damascan rose, tobacco, gardenia; guaiac wood, vetiver of java, santal wood, amber

Oriental, resinous, spicy

An enchanting and aromatic fragrance will bring you at the time of imperial ancient Rome, where skilled perfumers, called “unguentarii”, created mixtures made by balms and oils.

Caravans of spices in transit on dusty pavements, patrician villas laden for luxury symposium, wineskins filled with musts and aromas.

Unguentum is the opulent and lavish Rome of the Caesars; the cradle of knowledge of Seneca, Cicerone and Lucretius; the city of thermal baths and of arena where gladiators fight.

A blend with a spicy flavor that massages the skin and calms the mind.

Memory of old traditions and of a nation of connoisseurs, that used it not only for cosmetic and religious purposes but also to impregnate, with aromatic substances, horses, sail and furnishings.

There are various historical evidences of personal mixtures prepared for the emperors and for the rich patrician matrons, or for massaging the gladiators’ bodies.

Enhanced by a warm amber, cinnamon and cedar wood, the formulation of Onyrico recovers and reinterprets the “recipe” of the original Royal Unguentum documented by Plinio il Vecchio in his Naturalis Historia. A hot and spicy mixture, learned from oriental perfumer, that was used in the past to honor the Parti’s king.

The heart and the bottom of the fragrance is composed by opoponax, aromatic calamo, saffron, wine and honey.

The cap is made by Roman Travertine. The same used to build the Colosseum.

100 ml eau de parfum


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