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Enrico Buccella

"Everything is born of our memory. The most deep-rooted memories are bound to the world of scents. Over the years ancient sensations have been awakened: the scent of warm milk, the countryside, cut grass, fruit picked from a tree, hay, wet earth, burning wood, linen and hemp washed at the water spring. Even the water has its fragrance. Everything in its notes adds up like a full and beautiful bouquet and you realize that life is a fragrance to be made up of the essence of memories. This passion has driven me to pass on my sensations to others.

“Each person is drawn to what they like” - Virgil's Bucolics. A motto that best expresses my philosophy because it is an anthem to the joyous freedom to follow one's own preferences and desires. It is the exaltation of a person and of his/her tastes. It is to the "free spirits" that I dedicate my perfumes."