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Acqua di Firenze

The Interest in Knowledge. The Love for a City, Florence, enclosing her Symbol in her Name and revealing herself in her Masterpieces of Art and Literature. The Passion for Perfumes, Harmonies of Notes able to seduce the Senses and to stir the Memories. The secret Charm for the alchemical Quintessence. The mystical Relationship between Numbers and sacred Geometry. From the skillful Distillation of all these Elements originated ACQUA di FIRENZE, a purely Italian Brand: an artisan Workshop that creates, manufactures and distributes artistic Perfumes and Niche Fragrances, following the ancient System of “widespread Manufacturing”, a Guarantee of the absolute Secrecy of Recipes. A Collection of Perfumes, Colognes and Home Fragrances, that pays homage to the great Tradition of Florentine Perfumery and leads You to an olfactory Journey of Beauty and Knowledge.

Florence remains to this day the first place of an extraordinary intellectual and artistic age that brought SPEZIALI FIORENTINI (Apothecaries) and Alchemists to investigate the real essence of Nature, and the Divine secret of its strength and beauty.
In-depth historical studies have allowed to re-create the ideal architecture of those extraordinary scented water-based perfumes on a harmonious artistic form of three elements:
a Symbol (the Flower), a Spell (the Number 8) and the Secret Formula that combines both: the 8 flowers.

ACQUA di FIRENZE is much more than a fragrance.
The creations, the packaging of the bottles and their caps, even before opening them, and especially after smelling the Perfumes, represent the search for light, color and beauty.
It is the result of a wonderful story of art and passion.
It is a style, a presence, a furnishing element of our lives.
Imagine it, above all, as the mirror of the masterpiece inside each of us.

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